A culture of excess

greek ministerReally, I should be worrying about dresses and shoes in order to introduce myself properly to the “machatunim” (my son’s in-laws, but the Yiddish term is much better) in a future trip to Canada, but I can’t get out of my head the world’s disputes between liberal and neoliberal policies — the latter, ironically, known today as “conservative,” or is this completely wrong?

The truth is, I owe my readers a painful confession: After years of self-training, developing a discrete ability to trust my own sagacity, bah, I stumbled upon the growing frustration of not understanding anything that relates to the ongoing social revolution.

Which, let’s face it, is reasonably normal. We used to believe that to understand a crucial change, one that recalibrates the main gears of society as we know it, we needed to study, research, reflect. And also to wait until the dust has settled, and new theories have gained recognition (and awards) in the form of books and proven theses (…).

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