Bye-bye, Brazil

bye-byeI know, the title of this story sounds truly bad with the ship sinking as it is, it looks like I’m gloating, happy to have escaped in time, but, people, I assure you it’s nothing of that sort.

Taken by surprise, I discovered that, whether I liked it or not, 12 months after having my passport stamped on my way-out, which will come to pass in exactly six days, voilà, if I didn’t come back I would lose the resident status in Brazil. I was even looking for a small apartment in Petropolis in order to keep a local point, preserve my national identity… When the law ran me over, I mean, I tripped in the law I have ignored so far due to my lack of experience, having never stayed away from “home” for more than a year at a time. (…)

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