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australia-2My weekly chronicle was ready in two languages when I went out to run a few errands on my day off, have a drink with Alan, relax, go to the supermarket.

We got back home, and Alan turned on the TV.

My subject matter died on the spot. An “incident” had taken place in Paris.

A few noises. Shots. An explosion.

No one really knew what was going on.

About two hours later, the events’ pictures seemed to have evolved a bit. As I write, I listen to live TV in the background. A suspect has been arrested by the police.

“I’m from Syria. I was recruited by ISIS. This is an ISIS mission.”

There are 100 hostages held at this moment at Café Bataclan, where self-indulgence was practiced freely, people danced, an American band was giving a concert. Thirty people are dead. No one knows anything.

“Allah hu akbar!”

This war cry was unnecessary, in all honesty.

Despite the complete misinformation about what is occurring, the French borders are closed right now. Nobody comes in, nobody goes out.

There are six locations in Paris being attacked simultaneously by terrorists (I am now reviewing this text; while I was writing it, nobody knew that the animals had attacked Les Halles, the “Parisian World Trade Center”). For the first time since 1944, Paris is in lock-down. Under siege. The second major location is the Stade de France, where there was a soccer match being played between Germany and France, and President Hollande was present.

The police have controlled the situation at the Bataclan.

The horror is being reported live in the background, while this chronicle is being written live.

Yes. The horror.

The world is lucky — or unlucky, I’m not sure — that the hatred I feel cannot contaminate world leaders, at least not in the open.

I want my life back. What about you?

Here’s my plan. And it’s not xenophobic, as the “good guys” have already begun to declare on social networks. It’s only logical, based on the facts. We’re at war. And a cruel war, aggravated because it’s not located in a given place; aggravated by the fact that the enemy is not motivated by national pride, nor by a deplorable, albeit explicable national trauma, but by an irrational hatred.

There was no doubt, even from the first moment, that this orchestrated attack was triggered by Islamic terrorism. No one dares to declare it yet, but this is the (not so simple) truth. Everything is “in process,” nobody knows what will come next. But a specific certainty underlines all the comments and reports: This is another attack on civilization, on human values, on love, freedom, joy, on the enjoyment of technology and so many other things it would take me all night to enumerate.

Here’s my plan. Hate me if you will, if it alleviates your consciousness, but if something is not done immediately, things will just tend to get worse, and soon none of us in the “civilized” world will have anywhere to turn to. Life on the planet as we know it will be over, and that terrible scenario of sci-fi films will begin to prevail. Yes, those films I detest and refuse to watch.

One hundred and forty dead right now (in flux).

Islamic terrorism must be wiped out from the face of the Earth. Islamic countries must be declared our enemies. External signs of loyalty to Allah must be at least discouraged, ideally prohibited. Burkas should be eradicated, beards shaven, keffiyehs confined to the drawers. I’m hiding mine, the red one I always loved and wore proudly after I bought it. I was 20 years old, living in Israel. Right in the middle of the period between the Six-Day War and the Yom Kippur War.

Yes, innocent people will suffer. Innocent people suffered in the Inquisition, and at that time, persecution had no other basis than religious hatred, it is true. It was motivated by the same loyalty to an insane god that needs to be eradicated today, and still, the Islamic faith must go underground, be kept silent, remain unnoticed. Its adepts will suffer.

They must suffer. Better them than me or you. Good Muslims, please understand the gravity of the situation: there was not a second of doubt, from the first blast, that the attack had come from Muslim extremists, and soon enough the war cry was uttered: “Allah hu akbar!”

We’re all suffering.

The evil of this war plan, essentially a global defense plan, will not start with us Westerners, attacked in the intimacy of our everyday lives, where we hate nobody, condemn no one. Contrary to our inhumane enemies, we do not base our actions on a code of faith that stopped evolving in the 16th century, on an ideological blindness that takes any victims it can. The evil of this war plan comes from the group itself we’re about to attack, because years have passed while the situation grew increasingly serious. And no one in the countries of origin of these despicable bastards ever rejected them, condemned them publicly, decided to lock them up in a kind of human zoo. I must apologize to animals, my comparison would hurt them deeply, but that’s the metaphor that comes to mind.

Yes. I apologize to the wolves, to the dogs, to the snakes, and even to the rats and cockroaches of this world, because to call such terrorists “animals” is offensive to them, to the whole animal kingdom: When animals carry out their violent instincts they do so in order to ensure their survival; they do not tear their victims to pieces in the name of a dead god and of his prophet, who is also dead. Kill me if you want.

Ironically, the film that gives its name to this chronicle depicted the sad lives of French immigrants in the suburbs of Paris in the 1990s. The hatred we witness today is the other side of this same coin, but it also the one and only face of it, just going through another phase, since nothing has been done to improve the situation. Moreover, nobody in their right mind could imagine where this hatred would take us, a violence beyond imagination.

Innocent, all of them.

Except those who penetrate softly into the “enemy camp” under the mask of persecution victims, under the blessings of the envoys of goodness, the disseminators of kindness in the social networks, those convinced that they are doing their best in defense of our humanity. But they are wrong. They are deluded. They are co-opted. And they don’t even know it.

I hate them. I hate them. I hate them. My hate today is equivalent to theirs, to the hatred of those who attack us. But this does not mean I’ll go into the streets covered in explosives and take with me, in my irrationality, people who have nothing to do with my beliefs. No, I confine myself to the violence of these words, mainly because beneath the terror perpetrated by these demons (I had written “animals,” but changed it in the revision), there’s nothing more than that: words.

Words written long ago and horribly misinterpreted today.

Words uttered today by someone who claims to be a prophet, an emissary of some god, but who is no more than human trash.

A last review: A Facebook friend placed a comment to my photo where I wrote “J’aime Paris,” saying that “I’d better love Israel, because this attack and any other coming from Muslims is ultimately against Israel.” I could not agree more.

I find it unbelievable that minutes after I called my friends’ attention to a subtle connection linking my latest Facebook posts, most of them about the anti-Israel stupidity of the Brazilian singer Caetano Veloso, this same connection has been displayed with absolute clarity in the Paris attacks.


The Monday after: it never hurts to clarify that this chronicle was written on Friday night, under the heat of the attacks, and therefore it does not express reflective thoughts nor a mature conclusion. Some of the positions I’ve taken may seem offensive, but I decided not to edit them in order to let the heart talk, the first impression prevail with transparency. I did not want to risk the obvious confusion faced by most people who were interviewed on TV these past few days, as was the case with a French Senator interviewed by CNN. While trying to express herself as “not xenophobic” and politically correct, she ended up contradicting herself every 2 minutes. She sounded insane, unable to meld even two thoughts into a coherent statement.


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