License to drive

carteira1As an old Brazilian poet once said, “First and foremost, Brazilians are strong,” something like that.

Frankly, one can have no peace in this life. I spent all week gathering material to write a light, funny chronicle, with colorful victory tones, and behold, the rug was pulled out from underneath me with the news of mass layoffs in O Globo, “Brazil’s largest newspaper,” according to their own slogan.

Although feeling safe from such misfortunes, conveniently protected in a “foreign” land, I could not help being affected. I may not be the one who was fired, but I suffered (almost) the same.

(Incidentally, I apologize, but I need a mischievous parenthesis down here. Every time a person who once rejected me, or tried to act “superior” around me, suffers a setback for whatever reason, I tell myself very quietly: Right, John Doe has lost his job, he was ostracized, and I’m still here… Except in this case of O Globo I regarded the victims as friends, nice people.) (…)

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