Made in China

calvin3My earliest memories of products Made in China come of those stinky trinkets sold in Dollar Stores, and then, shortly after, the classic cheap black cotton doll shoes, very Chinese, indeed.

Made in China? Means “fake” to me, counterfeit designer bags, manufactured illegally and sold in Brazil by the street vendor around the corner, not to mention those toys containing heavy metals and the poisoned toothpaste, remember?

The expected result is, my whole generation keeps some level of purchase prejudice around any product manufactured in China, a highly profitable business. For the Chinese, of course.

I should have known better when they started a flurry of electronic products made in China — in Taiwan, to be exact, although that distinction no longer makes any sense, and looking it up on Wikipedia will generate more confusion than clarification. (…)

To keep reading in the Times of Israel, click here.

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