One hundred weeks

coversInteresting. Almost two full years have gone by (two years would be exactly 104 issues) since I started this editorial adventure, I never thought it would come this far. Back from FLIP, the famous Brazilian literary festival in Paraty, more exhausted than ever, I was even more determined to hire an assistant, which, coincidentally, was also coming back from FLIP. FLIP, in fact, had been our “connection point” detected by Alex, our shared gardener.

I don’t think I might have sounded very encouraging in my first interview with… let’s call her F. “The truth is that I’m planning to move to the United States,” I said. “And our house is already for sale. Nevertheless, in the meantime, I’d like to try.”

In my never quiet mind, I was already plotting, flying too high just for a change: I will train this girl and leave her in charge of KBR’s daily operations in Brazil. And while this day was still in the future, I kept trying, kind of desperately, to find a way to start our international operations opening a company in the United States, Alan for a change blocking all my frustrating initiatives with his innate pessimism: “Forget it. Not gonna happen.” (…)

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