Slowing down

chaplin_modern_timesI’m sure the world will not stop because of this, but, anyway, I’m preparing to get off.

“You are on holiday!” Alan declares, distressed by my despondency, as I’m stuck to the hard chair (and to the computer screen) scratching my head while dealing with some problem that seems unsolvable at first sight.

And he is correct, well, more or less. Starting (last) Wednesday, I “claimed” a sort of vacation, because, as you all know, in our networked world you cannot take a complete holiday, “desert island” style, eclipsed from the world with “limited access to e-mail and cell phones”. Preferably, no access at all.

In my particular case, I’ve been breaking my back non-stop for exactly 19 months, as I breathlessly recalled yesterday in the shower. And it was not an easy time, in any way.

I continued (…)

Keep reading in the Times of Israel.

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