Suspicious Dreams

ashevillemusicThe other day, a dear friend told me, sounding very excited, that she had attended a thought-provoking fundraiser to support the candidacy of Democrat Bernie Sanders for President of the United States.

“You would have loved it,” she wrote me. “If we succeed, we will go to Washington D.C., imagine that.”

She was right. As much as I try to deny it, I have seen and understood over the years that I am indeed a political animal. And Sanders, a former hippie and left-wing activist, would, in theory, be one of those who grew up with the ideals that we had cherished in the days of our youth, a last chance to contradict John Lennon, proving that “the dream is not over,” if you know what I mean, a minuscule chance, similar to the one that, in my opinion, Obama tragically wasted, with his platform of unity and change, which only resulted in a division that seems increasingly fierce. But I could be wrong. (…)

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