The new American hero

(A quick look)

(January 2014)

alan e filhoCan you see the handsome young man sitting by my side, driving through the forest, behind the wheel of his decaying truck?

Yes. I would trust him with my life (sip of vodka).

We left Alan behind, at home, sleeping.

Has any of you out there ever “driven through the forest” as we are doing? These are narrow, temporary roads, often too subtle to be perceived, swallowed up eventually by the “temperate rainforest” — too many quotation marks in a world that feels too strange.

It seems to me that this son of mine collects guns, but I did not ask, I wasn’t ready to discuss the answer, plus I don’t know a thing about firearms or calibers to engage in a conversation. He is well prepared to “whatever,”  “whatever” meaning a vast range of events, from a bear in the woods to the invasion of America by the Chinese. (…)

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  1. Clara A. Colotto says:

    Beautiful! essentially beautiful!

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