The Trump Card

donald-trump-turnberry-lpga_t780We know for sure that the American electoral race has begun when Alan and I start to radically disagree about what would be in the best interest of the United States, and, by extension, the world. Right?

Well. Kind of. Until recently, our political — better, politicized — life was exactly like this, Alan, of course, imposing upon me his indisputable advantage due to my intrinsic ignorance, which would be more accurately described as a “lack of familiarity with the American way”; but I must confess that I have changed, I’ve been changing since we’ve moved to the United States, my God, had he been right all along?

The matter at hand, impossible to ignore, is the omnipresent “rising star of the Republican party,” Donald Trump, hair and all. Trump’s hair, in fact, has been progressively perceived as a perfect metaphor for his political platform — in my opinion, his greatest electoral asset. (…)

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