Thursday, December 9


“Sleepy Woman,” pen and ink on paper by Pablo Picasso, 1952.

“I sent him a pen and ink Picasso drawing, a woman’s face resting relaxed upon her arms, quiet… happy… I sang ‘There’s a kind of hush’ for him, and I whispered ‘I love you’ right into his ear, very close to the microphone. Goodnight, my prince. Sleep tight. Are you gone already? It was lovely, motek sheli, my sweet husband. Je t’aime pour toujours.

“Wow, Noga… that ‘I love you’ of yours gave me goose bumps…  spoke to my core… It was beautiful! Sweet lullaby, sweet Noga… ani ohev otach… so lovely thee… thou art wife to me… gozo chère amour.”

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