Love & Psyche

Friday, December 17


“Amor e Psiquê,” oil on canvas by João Câmara, 1990.

“I’m planning a nice afternoon… that’s why I sang you a samba, after all. Did you check the painting by João Câmara?”

“It sounds lovely. I’m limited here to another 40 minutes. Then I will go to another computer and hear your music. I saw the painting, yes, Eros & Psiche.”

Sadness rules, since samba is samba

the clear teardrop on the dark skin, the night, the rain outside

solitude is frightening, it takes so long being so bad

but something happens inside me

singing I send sadness away

the samba will be born, the samba did not arrive yet

the samba will not die, see, the day has not risen

the samba is the child of pain, the samba is the father of pleasure, the big transforming power

(Gilberto Gil, “Desde que o samba é samba,” 2000)

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